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40% Commission Paid to You!

Keep 40% of the real estate commission when you buy

We give our buyers 40% of our real estate commission from the buyer side of the transaction (buyer rebate) - paid to them at the closing table!

This allows us to help you make your down payment. Any remaining buyer rebate will be applied to your loan origination fees.

Let us help with your down payment!

If you're buying a home or condo in the Sarasota area, we want to help you with your down payment by giving you 40% of the real estate commission from your side of the transaction—paid to you at the closing table! Sound pretty good? Keep reading for the details...

Why Work with Us?

Because, in short, our experience and expertise are unrivaled in the Sarasota area. In addition to giving you 40% of our commission from your side of the transaction, we also:

  • Hold Florida construction licenses in general contracting, roofing, and mold assessment to help you make informed buying decisions.
  • Give you preliminary cost estimates to remodel.
  • Update our MLS search side every 10 minutes so you know you're getting THE most up-to-date home search data.

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Explain that 40% Commission, Please!

Your "buyer rebate" is calculated by multiplying the purchase price of your home by 3% (the commission offered can vary by seller) and multiplying that number by 40% (the amount you keep). It's pretty straightforward:

Example: ($500,000 purchase price) x (3% commission) x (40% rebate) = $6,000 rebate!

Here's what your rebate could look like:

Purchase Price Buyer Rebate
$250,000 $3,000
$300,000 $3,600
$400,000 $4,800
$500,000 $6,000
$600,000 $7,200
$1,000,000 $12,000

Ready to Buy Your Sarasota Home?

Why pay more for your home when you could pay less AND have the peace of mind that comes from working with a licensed contractor and knowing you're really getting the best home at the best deal. Contact us today to learn more or to get started.